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Written by Bjarni Haukur Thorsson, a situation comedy for television about the differences between men and women.

The sitcom has had successful runs in Norway (TV2), Sweden (TV4) and in Iceland (RUV). More than 90 thirty minutes MARTIN episodes have been produced so far.

Martin , a restaurant owner and cook, likes to think he is the head hunter of his brand new two-story “cave”, where he lives with his wife Elisabeth. His sanctuary is the couch in front of his Dolby Digital 61” television set, applied with the most powerful amplifier available on earth. But the walls to Martin’s cave are closing in! His wife, a strong-willed and fairly opinionated woman, wants things to look good on the outside, and has a perfectionist attitude towards their relationship.
But it can be difficult because Martin remains after all, incapable of opening up. Unless of course in the bedroom. Martin and Elisabeth cling to their loving but stormy relationship to get them through, while trying to find privacy and peace in their new house. Fortunately they both have jobs that get them out of the house, and even though it doesn’t provide them with as little time together as they would like, it does give each of them the breathing room they need.

Martin’s best friend, Lars, is a single, out of work actor, an extremely self conscious and obnoxious fellow. Lars is also a guy’s guy, who acts in a very traditional way when it comes to women. Or at least he tries to.

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On top of everything, Elisabeth’s recently divorced, “snobbish” sister, Petra, moves into the basement and emerges every day with feminine support for Elisabeth, new boyfriends or the latest bulleting on her various schemes included on her long list of things of how to make human males really suffer.

No matter how much love there is in the household, though, the domestic problems of the modern relationship remains evident at all times and the show is filled with humorous explorations about the differences between men and women. It’s modern. It’s true. It’s heart warming. And very, very funny!

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